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Lohia Auto

LOHIA AUTO INDUSTRIES, a division of Lohia Group of Companies, manufactures electric vehicles- two wheelers and three wheelers. Based upon innovation and best quality services, LOHIA AUTO INDUSTRIES wishes to bring a revolutionary change in Indian Automobile Market. The expertise in different products with specialization in each one of them, a continuous eye on business opportunities and an appetite for research and development has been a driving force to lead the Lohia group into motoring venture. Lohia's excellent practices for customer care will continue to be the backbone.

However, the biggest strength lies in the visionary people who have given the group international repute for the futuristic products. LOHIA AUTO INDUSTRIES manufactures hi-tech electric two wheelers at the state-of-the-art plant at Kashipur, Uttrakhand. The company is all set with a vigorous plan, which will be backed up by a team of highly qualified, professional and experienced professionals. The framework for the above has already been made and the work is in full swing.

Due to ever increasing oil prices and scarcity of it in time to come there is a big demand of electric vehicles. India is a huge market and these products are already introduced here and doing well. Though it is the beginning of these types of products but the response is good and it is picking up fast. The market for two wheelers in India is 7,857,548 pcs in the year 2006-2007. Two wheelers constitutes 77% market share of the total automobiles sold in India.


Its vision is to offer an efficient, economical and eco friendly transport mode to the Indian Commuters. This Auto division will cater to the common man's need for both individual and mass transportation.


The conglomerate will strive to become a synonym of electric vehicles in India. It will continue giving futuristic driving solutions through unconventional, environment friendly, innovative yet reliable technology.