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Overview of Group Companies


LAI is into the manufacturing of electric vehicles- mainly two wheelers and three wheelers. These electric vehicles will be eco- friendly, cost effective and pollution free. Keeping in mind the growing demands of teeming millions balancing with the environmental concern Lohiaís have come up with the electric vehicles. With the Lohiaís electric vehicles one would be free to move, free from expensive maintenance, free from rising fuel prices, free from pollution and free from guilt about damaging the planet.


is engaged in export business. The firm is having a status of trading house. It manufactures and exports Handicraft Gift items in Brass, Glass, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Wooden, Beaded and Stainless Steel. Designco India is the well established and the highest Export award winning Company in Metal Decorative trade. Designco India is producing high quality art metal wares and having ISO: 9002 rating for its quality products.

Designco India is serving their clients by producing high quality metal decorative goods, having a turnover of 300 crores with most of the business in U.S.A., Europe and Australia.


is engaged in Real Estate Development and construction business. Its main activities are concentrated in Western UP (Moradabad )and NCR region of New Delhi. The Company was incorporated with main object to deal in acquisition of property, develop it and sell the same. Its object also includes works to carry on business as developers, construction-residential as well as industrial / commercial, roads, highways and new townships.

The Company started its business activity since its very inception. Lands have been purchased and the same are under development and the necessary activities are also going on. The company acquires, improves, manages and develops the rights in respect of property and to deal with the property of all kinds including land and building.


is involved in the manufacturing of brass sheet and coils. The company was established in the year 1988. The Company was incorporated with main object to manufacture, process, import, export, buy, sell, distribute or otherwise deal in all kinds of ferrous and non ferrous metals, metals sheets, metal articles including art wares, ores, metal alloys, amalgams in any form or shape or any article or thing in which any of the aforesaid item is used.


is involved in the manufacturing of stainless steel coils. It symbolizes strength, durability and impeccable quality. Established in the year 1995, it has grown tremendously and entrenched as the most authentic manufacturer and exporter of stainless Steel Strips and Foils. This firm is into manufacturing, import, export roll, Re-roll and deals in all kinds of stainless steel, iron ferrous and non ferrous metal and to carry on the business of manufacturers, designers, fabricators, exporters, importers, processor and contractors, in costing products, casting and foundry works and to carry out the business as forgers, engineers, melteres, welders, moulders, jobworkers etc.

From the last one decade, this company is relentlessly catering to the requirements of various industrial sectors like Flexible Hoses, Capillary Tube, Pipes, Watch, Food and Diary, Thermo ware, Utensils, Decorative Items, Automobiles, Sugar Industry, Refrigeration, Surgical Equipment, Furniture, Hinges, Rims and Items for Architecture, Building and Construction.


The Company was incorporated with main object to import, export, warehouse, trading, and deals in all kinds of home appliances, home equipment, home improvement items, electrical goods, decorative goods, handicrafts items and FMCG products and to carry on the business of retail trading through retail store and other retailers. It promotes the business by appointing franchisers and accepts the franchises of other company or manufacturer.