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Feel, sense and experience the wonder of a genious craftsmanship. Designco defines a decorum for the grace and dignity of a well maintained home. Two and a half decades of long dedicated services in the field of manufacturing hand crafted brass, copper, aluminium, iron and glass items has given a cutting edge experience to designco in making available the best quality products. We one stop shop for all your handicrafts requirements established in 1979 in moradabad. We are one of the largest govt. Recognised trading house in the country.

We received national award in handicrafts for the year 2002-2003 form the prime minister shri atal bihari vajpayee. The production unit for brass and iron are in moradabad and glass in ferozabad. Over the year we have expanded the product line and product mix to cater to the increasing demands of the handicrafts from all over the world.

The company has a strong work force of over 1500 people in its production unit and an office staff of 100 people. The total production capacity is us $45 million in brass, glass and iron handicrafted products.


Our business mission is focous on volume buyers, provide fast-moving products of high quality and consistency on time, every time. We export 100% of our production and our main focous is on volume buyers such as chain stores, departmental stores, discount stores importer and wholesalers.

Product development is a major activity at designco. We compete in the Market by conntinuously developing new products that are not only innovative and functional, but most importantly that sell well.


Our deep specialization and impressive range of products, competent infrastructure to serve our customers, customised and new products quickly and efficienlty by our in house design and develoment department.

Item the category undertaken at present are as follows:

        Household and Stainless Steel Utensils
        Table Ware
        Gift Ware
        Bathroom Accessories
        Outdoor and Indoor Garden
        Christmas Décor and Trim ‘O’ Tree
        Wooden Furniture
        Wax Candle
        Embroidered and Fabric Covered Gift Items
        Stone Handicrafted Items
        Electric Lamp’s With Approved Fittings
        Window Hardware
        Other Utility Items