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About The Lohia Group

The Lohia Group of Industries is one among the prestigious business brand with its thriving presence in India and across the globe. TodayÔŅĹs Lohia Group of Industries is the brainchild of veteran entrepreneur N.K. Lohia. His long-term vision and business versatility mixed with high business acumen conferred new dimensions to the Lohia business brands feature. This approach remains enshrined in the Group's Ethos to this day from when the group was founded in the year of 1957. Within five decades since its inception the flag of success has been hosted to the highest most pinnacles.

Business at Lohia Group of Industries is going strength to strength in every financial year with an up surging growth curve in terms of revenue including renewal of existing business relation and new business developments.

Our portfolio includes business like real estate development, stainless steel cold rolling, brass coil manufacturing, automobiles, trading and retail, home improvement and home dÔŅĹcor product for the retail chains in USA, Europe and world over.

We deliver on schedule quality product and services to the clients. The Lohia Business GroupÔŅĹs production facilities located at Muradabad and Kashipur are equipped with competent manpower, technology and resources. We have dedicated group of production and quality control specialists. Every piece of products delivered to our customers is passed through a stringent stage wise quality certification process. This has been the key factor in client satisfaction and increasing demand for our products. Our strategic product pricing to the domestic and international customers is another strong point in value added business generation.